May 14, 2015 Cindy Beyer

Why should you hire a professional Interior Designer?

People often ask me the question: what is the difference between a decorator and an interior designer? The two are not interchangeable although they might have some similarities. An interior designer has the appropriate schooling from an accredited institution and is knowledgeable in color and fabric design, space planning, furniture design, architecture and more. Interior decorators do not need any formal training. Interior Designers are credentialed and must pass an exam such as The NCIDQ. Interior Designers work closely with architects and contractors and are comfortable with drawing floor plans. Most decorators are brought in after the floor plan is finalized and mainly spruce up the space.

Who you choose to hire will depend on your needs. As an interior designer let me explain how I work with clients. Before my initial meeting with a new client, I ask them to spend some time making a list of their needs as well as any pictures they saved of items they like. Upon our first meeting I discuss how I work and take photos and measurements. Together we then develop a detailed itemized list covering all areas of concern. The next step is to draw up and present a floor plan to include furniture placement as well as construction and lighting if needed. A good designer can draw a floor plan in scale on the spot as well as sketches of what they wish to portray to the client. I usually present a ¼” scaled drawing for my client for approval. Beware of the person that does not know how to draw.

After the drawing is approved, the real fun begins like finish selections, window treatments and furniture selections. The lead times on furniture can vary from 5 weeks to a few months, however good design does take time and is well worth the wait.

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