May 13, 2015 Cindy Beyer

Making Your Home Cozy for the Winter

Now that we are heading into the coldest months of the year it is time to take precautions to make your home warm and toasty. By now, most of us have heard about the benefits of keeping our home energy efficient. There are some simple things you can do including sealing gaps in windows and doors or installing door sweeps on the bottom of exterior doors. You can also seal the gaps in your attic and basements to make a difference in heat loss. Don’t forget to check your kitchen vent fan for this is also a source of energy leaks.

You can also try installing a programmable thermostat with numerous settings for various times of the day. That should help to reduce the heating bill and get the room all toasty when you present. If you use a wood burning fireplace, make sure you have a glass fireplace front and close the damper when not in use. If you have ceiling fans, switch them on the winter setting. This will reverse the air flow and send more warm air down into the room.

There are many other things you can do from a design point of view. For example you can install insulated lined draperies on those nasty leaky windows. Not only are the attractive they keep the warm air in and the cold air out. Also don’t forget, when the sun is out open up your draperies to let the sunlight heat your space, closing them at dusk.

You can also add area rugs to those chilly floors, especially the bathroom and bedroom floors. If you happen to be thinking about bathroom renovations, investigate using a heated floor under your tile. You don’t have to cover much of the room, just enough to get the benefit and the warmth. However the bathroom is a must for a mat of any size.

Furniture placement is also a consideration. Make sure you place furniture away from the vents. Also make sure your vents are open. Clear all furniture away from the radiators. You can also put foil behind the radiator to reflect more heat into the room. And don’t forget to bring out all of your nice furry pillows and throws, as well as you furry hoodies.

Finally, try firing up the oven and baking some bread and cookies to warm up the kitchen. After the baking, go for a long run on the treadmill to work off the cookie calories. That will surely warm you up. Remember spring is less than 90 days away.

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